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14 April 2023

Job Description

Athlete Representation

• Represent the interests of all British Shooting athletes on the Olympic and Paralympic World Class Programme (Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun).

• To co-ordinate and facilitate regular Athlete Rep Meetings, which provide a platform to seek athlete opinion. Ensure senior and other staff members, where appropriate, partake in the Athlete Rep Meetings.

• To understand the cultural nuances between the disciplines and to provide a balanced and considered opinion.

• Collate athlete opinion where necessary, and present to senior staff members within British Shooting.

• Encourage and support athlete reps to be leaders and role models within shooting.

• Aspire to be a mentor, a leader and a role model within shooting.

• Establish or evolve a suitable, effective means of consulting with your fellow Athlete Representatives in a confidential and professional manner.

• Maintain the appropriate level of professionalism and confidentiality with regards to your fellow athletes and staff members within British Shooting.

• To signpost athletes to support offered by British Shooting, the British Elite Athletes Association or other organisations where necessary.

• To ensure that World Class Programme athletes are supported and able to provide feedback on any issue.

• To ensure that all feedback mechanisms are reviewed when appropriate and remain effective in giving athletes within our sport the opportunity to provide feedback.

• To share with staff members within British Shooting elements of their World Class Programme, ensuring that the organisation can continue to develop or build upon areas which are proving positive and/or effective among athletes.

Performance Group

• To sit on the Performance Group – a subsidiary committee of the British Shooting Board – and provide expertise, experience and support to the British Shooting performance strategy and performance team.

• To ensure the athlete voice and feedback is represented on the Performance Group.

• To support the Performance Senior Leadership Team in ensuring that athlete feedback informs the direction of the World Class Programme.

• Provide expertise and support to the British Shooting Performance Team with the aim of achieving Olympic and Paralympic success.

Desirable Experience:

• Recent experience in the Performance Sport sector.

• Experience of holding a Performance position within a Sports Board or Performance Committee.

• Experience as an athlete in a Paralympic or Olympic World Class Programme, or similar high performance program, and having represented your country at international level.

Desirable Skills:

• Effective written and verbal communication skills

• The ability to remain balanced and impartial when receiving or providing feedback on different issues.

• Organisational skills, including the ability to plan and organise meetings, set agendas etc.

• Good time management.

• Understanding of the wider sporting landscape.

• The ability to empower others.

• The ability to build solid and effective working relationships, both within your National Governing Body and with Athlete Representatives from across the high-performance system.

• Awareness of, and commitment to, equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Desirable characteristics:

The Independent Athlete Representative would contribute to British Shooting’s vision to be the World Leading Shooting Nation by 2032, and clearly demonstrate our Beyond values. For example:
We do the basics exceptionally well: We expect our people to take the time to build quality trusting relationships that demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, can provide a balanced and considered perspective, and demonstrate discretion where needed. There is an openness and passion to learning and evolving and a commitment to the role.

We are stronger together: They will be joining a team of athlete representatives and working alongside the British Shooting Performance Group and Senior Leadership Team to achieve our collective ambitions. Connecting regularly and supporting each other’s well-being and development are key behavioural expectations, as well as sharing insight and skills from their experience. Working with and through the other athlete representatives as well as the rest of the Performance Group and SLT is essential.

We have a winning mindset: All work should be driven by the Paris and LA strategy and be bespoke to our athlete’s needs to enable clear progression. They’ll have freedom to share and implement their ideas if they can articulate how they fit into the plan and why they are core components for performance. They’ll also have a clear desire to contribute to continually enhancing the WCP.

We are all leaders: We operate a camp-based programme and are a multi-discipline sport (Shotgun, Rifle and Pistol across Olympic and Paralympic disciplines). They won’t be tied to one site or office and there will be assumed faith that they are self-starting and have the drive and commitment required to fulfil the role. They will be expected to lead their role in the same way we are developing our athletes to lead theirs.

We invent the future: We aim to become the world-leading shooting nation by 2032. With a passion for learning and growing we will invest in their continuing development through the experiences we can offer and formal learning opportunities where possible. They will be expected to lead on their personal and professional development plan and will be well supported to do so, they will have support from the British Elite Athletes Association and British Shooting where applicable.

Commitment required.

• Organise, and where applicable Chair, Athlete Representative meetings (number tbc)

• Attend up to 4 Performance Group meetings per year (approximately 3hrs per meeting)


• The role is voluntary with reasonable expenses paid.

Benefits of becoming an Independent Athlete Representative:

• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through skill development in areas such as leadership and communication.

• The opportunity to build networks and contacts beyond your own sport.

• The opportunity to build positive working relationships with senior figures within the wider high-performance system.

• The opportunity to facilitate positive change within our sport.

• The opportunity to influence key performance decisions on behalf of your sport and peers.

• The opportunity to shape a positive culture for current and future athletes.

Support in fulfilling this role: You will receive ongoing support from the BEAA and British Shooting at every stage of your time as an Independent Athlete Representative. This may include (but is not limited to):

• Support throughout the athlete nomination and election process.

• Advice and guidance on best practice examples of Athlete Representation from across the high-performance system.

• Assistance in compiling key documentation for your NGB or fellow athletes.

• Advice and guidance on setting targets and reviewing progress: both as an individual and in terms of the overall Athlete Representation mechanism.

• Training sessions run by UK Sport in partnership with the BEAA, centred around the development of the highly transferable skills required to be an effective Athlete Representative.

• Confidential support should any issues or challenges arise as part of your role.

• Induction into the BEAA Athlete Representative network. This will enable you to engage with other Representatives from different sports, share best practice and learning opportunities.

• Notification of all relevant CPD opportunities passed to the BEAA by UK Sport, and other national and international organisations.

British Shooting is committed to equality and valuing diversity within both the sport and our workforce. Our goal is to ensure that these commitments, reinforced by our values, are embedded in our day-to-day working practices with colleagues, partners, coaches, volunteers, athletes and other stakeholders. We provide equality of opportunity and will not tolerate discrimination on grounds of gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, race, colour, nationality, religion, age, disability, HIV positivity, working pattern, caring responsibilities, political beliefs – or any other grounds. We believe a diverse community within the sport enables growth and creates a sustainably inclusion community for everyone.

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to, by the 14th April, 2023. Interviews will take place week commencing 24th April.

For a conversation about the role please contact Steven Seligmann(

To Apply

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to, by the 14th April, 2023. Interviews will take place week commencing 24th April.