Welsh Cycling


South Wales

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Contract Type


Closing Date

2 May 2023

Job Description

Welsh Cycling are seeking a committed individual to join the Board with the necessary
integrity, independence and passion for making a difference to the sport of cycling. We
require an experienced leader, with good interpersonal skills who will have a commitment to
good governance and be willing to support and challenge at meetings and between them.
Main Purpose:
To bring independent advice and expertise on issues of strategy to ensure a successful future
for Welsh Cycling. Supporting key appointments and ensuring standards of conduct, which
further the aims and objectives set out in Welsh Cycling’s Memorandum and Articles of
This role operates at the most senior level of the organisation shaping the strategic aims
across the whole of the operations of Welsh Cycling. The translation of strategy and policy
into actions is the responsibility of the full time paid staff members of Welsh Cycling, under
the direction of the Chief Executive.
Responsible to: Welsh Cycling Chair
Responsible for: Not Applicable
Principal Accountabilities:
1. To ensure that Welsh Cycling fulfils its statutory duties under the Companies Act 1985
and related legislation and to appoint competent person(s) to carry out these duties
including nomination of Auditors for approval or rejection by delegates to National
Council. Board members shall also be concerned with the appointment of the Chief
Executive, Company Secretary and members of the Senior Management Team.
2. To determine the future of the organisation and protect its assets and reputation, giving
due consideration to the regulatory framework and the impact of decisions on Welsh
Cycling’s stakeholders.
3. To exercise leadership and direction and play a key role in the determination of the
values and ethical position of Welsh Cycling, which may include appointment of
subcommittees and commissions.
4. To provide a creative contribution and support to the operation of Welsh Cycling by
offering objective criticism and an independent view, removed from the day to day running of the organisation.
5. Within a legislative framework of fiduciary duties, to apply skill and care in performing
these duties.
6. Chair and manage a sub committee
Nature and Scope of Position:
1. Strategic Direction
Directors bring a wider view of external factors affecting Welsh Cycling and the
environment it operates in and thereby provide creative, informed and constructive
input when considering the objectives and plans submitted by the Chief Executive.
2. Monitoring
The Directors are ultimately responsible for the performance of Welsh Cycling and
monitor the performance of the Chief Executive in achieving Welsh Cycling’s strategy
and objectives.
3. Communication
Directors play an important part in developing business and sporting network contacts
with key organisations in order to obtain views and influence wider opinion.
4. Accounts
In ensuring the company accounts properly reflect a true and fair representation of its
actions and financial performance, Directors must be satisfied that the necessary
internal controls are in place and monitored regularly and rigorously.
5. Remuneration
The board ratifies recommendations on executive remuneration packages to ensure
that these decisions are seen to be taken by those who do not stand to benefit directly
from them.
6. Appointments
One or more Directors participates in the selection and appointment of individuals to
roles within the Senior Leadership Team
Knowledge Skill and Experience Required:
1. To bring qualities to the Board which enhance Welsh Cycling’s operations: i.e.
independence, impartiality, wide experience or special knowledge of the sport and,
where applicable, business management, together with professional integrity and the
gravitas to make an effective contribution at this level of the organisation
2. Able to comply with the requirements of, and fulfill the duties and responsibilities set
out in: the Companies Act 1985, the Insolvency Act 1986 and the Company Directors’
Disqualification Act 1986, together with any related or subsequent legislation.
3. Articulate and able to network effectively, particularly at senior levels, within the sport,
with funding partners, with other cycling organisations, with clubs, members and the
4. Able to demonstrate the strength of character and ability to stand back from the issue
being discussed, as well as a pragmatic approach and the ability to compromise
necessary to make an effective contribution at this level.
5. The demands of the role call for courage, integrity, common sense, good judgment,
tenacity, diplomacy and an ability to listen carefully and communicate with clarity,
objectivity and brevity.
6. Numeracy and the ability to understand the financial arrangements within Welsh
Cycling, together with an understanding of its management, employees, special
capabilities and its markets.
Additional Information:
Directors are required to provide personal information necessary for registration as a Director
of The Welsh Cycling Federation, with Companies House.
Directors have responsibilities of fiduciary care, as with any other limited company, and these
include such things as joint and several responsibility for any negligence, impropriety and
misdemeanors by the company, its staff and its Officers. Candidates are advised to check
fully the likely impact of fiduciary care.
Directors are elected to their posts by delegates at the AGM and will be held to account for
their actions in this forum.
Time commitment
Ideally able to commit to one day per month on Board business and subcommittee
attendance and there are 6 scheduled board meetings per year

To Apply

Process for applying: If you are interested in applying, please submit a CV along with a covering letter which sets out your interest in the role and summarises your experience relevant to the required criteria to by Tuesday May 2nd 10:00 We will then be in touch the following week and if successful will arrange a follow up meeting with yourself and the Chair of the Board, Chris Landon. If you would like any further information please contact Chairman, Chris Landon,