Boccia England


Beeston Nottingham with hybrid flexible working available.

Salary Range


Contract Type

Full Time

Closing Date

13 April 2023

Job Description

Job title: People Development Manager
Reporting to: Head of Development
Direct reports: None
Workers responsible for: Volunteers and self-employed workforce such as tutors

Purpose of the Job:
• To manage, develop and implement the Boccia England people development plan to
ensure the infrastructure of the sport has the capacity to meet the needs of the sport
and can increase participation. ‘People’ within this role refer to those delivering the
sport such as coaches, volunteers, officials, and tutors.
• To develop and implement training and support structures that ensure the provision
of boccia is of the highest possible standard.
Hours worked: Full-Time. This role will include travelling, some unsocial hours and supporting
the weekend delivery of competitions.

Salary: Band 3

Based at: Boccia England headquarters in Beeston, Nottingham. Hybrid, and flexible working available, with travel throughout England.

Accountabilities and objectives

Programme management – Co-ordinate the design, implementation and monitoring of the Boccia England people plan in relation to the delivery of the sport.
• Support the development of the people plan (supporting delivery of boccia) and lead the implementation of the plan.
• Responsible for leading the development and strengthening of the Boccia England workforce including recruitment, retention, training, and deployment.
• Contribute to the evolution of the strategic plan relating to people development.
• Ensure ongoing skills and knowledge development is disseminated throughout the organisation and its volunteer and tutor network.
• Monitor and evaluate the impact of people development on participation and other Boccia England measures, through a dashboard of measurable participation metrics.
• Support the coordination of quarterly reports on performance against the people plan targets in annual delivery plan, for the board and key stakeholders.

Recruitment and Retention – Ensure the availability of skilled volunteers and self-employed workforce such as tutors, to support the needs of the sport.
• Raise the profile of volunteers within Boccia England, including the specific roles (officials,
coaches, classifiers) and pathways available.
• Work in conjunction with colleagues within development and pathways to identify recruitment priorities.
• Establish networks and engage with the volunteer and tutor workforce to help inform and support their continuing development.
• Embed and maintain the licensing scheme.

Training & Development – Develop and provide quality training to ensure the people delivering
boccia are appropriately skilled/qualified.
• Review and develop awards programmes, including the introduction of assessment and continuing support and development of officials, coaches, and classifiers.
• Review and update the mechanisms associated with the education and training of people in boccia (tutors, assessors, verifiers).
• Manage and coordinate the Boccia England course portfolio to ensure current and future relevance.
• Promote, plan, and organise training (including all recognised forms of CPD) for officials, coaches, and volunteers in line with needs and demand.
• Commission or create relevant products and programmes to support the development of the Boccia England workforce.
• Implement structures and support mechanisms that ensure the provision of the sport through officiating, classifying, and coaching is of the highest possible level.
Deployment – Identify and provide suitable opportunities to use and develop people’s skills.
• Manage deployment of workforce into the competition structure to support delivery of competition programme, aligned with appropriate training.
• In conjunction with Home Country boccia organisations, develop clear and transparent policies for the selection of officials for international events and competitions.
• Identify and promote deployment opportunities for volunteers in the sport.
• Work with partners to support deployment of volunteers for external activity.
Partnerships – Manage and sustain effective working relationships with key partners.
• Manage targeted relationships with national, regional, and local partners to drive people development.
• Support in the development of strong and dynamic relationships with external partners and stakeholders who wish to engage in partnership projects to achieve shared objectives through the delivery of boccia.
• Ensure Boccia England maximises the opportunities partnerships provide.
• Work with partners to support and develop the Boccia England workforce.
• Work in collaboration with colleagues on joint initiatives.
People Management – Manage the Boccia England delivery of volunteers to achieve the highest possible levels of performance.
• Effective management of workforce volunteers and self-employed workforce such as tutors including defining roles and responsibilities; clear communication; monitoring and reviewing
performance; providing support and guidance.

Finance and Budget Management – Ensure effective control and reporting of budgets.
• Coordination of annual budget planning, managing, and phasing of budgets for own work programmes and projects.
• Effective management and monitoring of budgets for people development and current projects, with clear means of measuring progress.
• Contribute to relevant funding bids.

General Requirements
• Manage own workload effectively.
• Be committed to continuous improvement.
• Provide excellent and timely customer service with both internal and external communications.
• Use and share knowledge and expertise to promote boccia and develop Boccia England.
• Be an advocate for Boccia England and the sport of boccia.
• Any other tasks or responsibilities as deemed appropriate by the Head of Development.

To Apply

To apply, please email your CV and a cover letter outlining your relevant knowledge and experience, and what you could bring to our team to, or post to Head of Business Support, Boccia England, Media House, Padge Road, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2RS.