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Part Time

Closing Date

16 April 2023

Job Description

We Run is the UK’s #1 Running Coaching company, having coached thousands of recreational runners since 2014.

We currently have opportunities for paid running coaching work in Warwick.

Successful applicants will:

– Hold a relevant qualification, including at least one running-specific qualification (Athletics Coach, Coach in Running Fitness or equivalent) and relevant insurance (insurance is included in most UKA qualifications)

– Be a keen, passionate runner. We’re not necessarily looking for Olympians, but a demonstrable passion for running is essential

– Have experience coaching running on a 1:1 basis

– Be flexible, reliable and, of course, awesome motivators

– Buy into our mission to spread the benefits of running coaching to all runners

– Be comfortable coaching the technical elements of running, including posture, foot strike, hip position, arms, cadence, speedwork, training schedules, warming up and cooling down and strength and conditioning

– Be friendly, generous, personable team-players

In return we offer;

– Excellent pay, with a generous hourly-rate

– Quick payments after session delivery

– Flexible working to fit around your existing commitments and lifestyle. You choose how many clients you work with, and on what schedule

– Access to We Run’s partner projects (previous partners include Race for Life)

– Opportunities to appear in the media (we’ve been featured in The Guardian, Men’s Running Magazine, Women’s Running Magazine, Coach Magazine, Shortlist Magazine and Runner’s Radar, to name a few)

– You remain self-employed and protect all your tax benefits

Interested? Complete the short form on our website and we’ll email you over all the relevant details:

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Complete the short form on our website and we’ll email you over all the relevant details: